Do you want to get your business online but find yourself struggling to keep up with all the latest developments in marketing, social media, websites and automation?

Do you want to cultivate a great blog with a loyal following, successfully grow your social media presence, start out online with your fledgling business, or just want to put a bit more flow in your workflow?

Do you wish there was another, easier way?

My name is Anna, and I’d like to welcome you to WorkFlowPro – a site I have developed for people like you: small business owners, startups and solopreneurs.

My aim is to bring you better ways to Work, creating processes that Flow, and ultimately achieving greater Productivity… using my knowledge and experience of the online world.

I am a bit of a self-confessed geek…

picture2In my day job I work in digital marketing and web design for an IT company – and I’m (not) afraid to say that even when away from the office I am also a bit of a self-confessed geek. I love reading and learning about the latest productivity applications, digesting current marketing methods, seeking out better, faster, sleeker ways to manage social media, and absorbing creative design concepts.

These passions of mine really came to a head around 9 years ago when I was unable to take permanent full time employment but never-the-less wanted to do something. I wanted mental stimulation – so I started my first online business. With twenty years business experience behind me, a love of learning new skills and a can-do attitude I figured that it couldn’t really be that hard… … or could it?

The online business itself was not a great success – I broke even, maybe. But I’m guessing this had something to do with the fact that I spent all my time working on the online side of things (which I was far better at) rather than actually producing anything (which I was probably less than mediocre at).

I have a background of working for small start-up businesses, where low-budget work-arounds are always preferrable to high-cost off-the-shelf solutions, and this experience was perhaps the one thing that got me further than anything else.

I taught myself all about social media and engagement, I learned how to create professional looking WordPress websites and I read all about online marketing techniques, content creation, the use of imagary and colour…

But  I had no budget – not one penny. I was struggling to meet the household bills, and I wanted to make money, not spend it.

So I had to get savvy…

I had to work out  what I could achieve

either for free, or to make every single penny count

…and I’ve never stopped since.

I no longer make things that people really don’t want or even need – it became clear that just wasn’t the right direction for me. So instead I took everything I had learned over 4 years of reading, learning, researching, trial and error and I went and got myself a proper (good) job – one that would at least pay the bills. Then I continued to learn pretty much anything and everything related to online marketing that sparked my interest.

  • I was an early adopter of digital automations, looking for ways for apps to talk to each other around the same time IFTTT and Zapier hit our radars.
  • I learned basic coding that allowed me to add bells and whistles to my online projects, websites and blogs.
  • I sought to understand the why behind the practices and techniques of digital marketing.

And this is where I am today.

I have published this site to share what I have learned – and what I continue to learn – with you.

Why? …because you may be the me I was then.

I want to save you the time, money, pain and the plain old frustration of hours of searching, scrolling, reading and deciphering dozens of methods and applications.

The vast expanse of this online world can be a very daunting and overwhelming place, paricularly if you really don’t want to glue yourself to a screen and keyboard day after day and night after night.

I know very few of you are as geeky as me – so I’ve done the legwork, meaning you don’t have to.

If you wish to contact me about anything related to this site, or enquire about my coaching and consultancy services, please email me directly at anna@workflowpro.xyz
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