Do you know your Lollipop from your Gingerbread?

OK, so you know that Android have cute names for each new version of their operating system they bring out?

Their reasoning for this (…and I’m merely presuming here…) is because the names of popular sweet treats are a little easier to remember for us common folks that a string of numbers(dot)numbers(dot)numbers.

BUT… can you easily recall which number is what, or whether you are toting around a KitKat or an Ice Cream Sandwich??

Well, I’m kind of a pretty switched on sort of geeky person, and I can’t remember… so having found myself the following cheats table I thought it would be terribly nice of me to share it with you too:

Android Version Numbers

But to be even nicer still, how about a download? Click the button to download this useful little chart as a PDF so you can print it out and keep it somewhere safe: