Feedly : Turn RSS feeds into beautiful reading experiences

Feedly is yet another simple free app that helps you keep on top of all the things you love on the net.

In basic terms it is receiving portal for new posts on blogs and sites that you may read regularly. Open the app, type the name of the blog or site you are looking for, and add it to your list. Then, whenever a new article is posted a link to it will appear in your feed – and it covers all sites and feeds and blogs irrespective of the platform they are published on (eg. WordPress, Blogger etc) so you never miss your favourites and don’t need to hop around the internet.

You can also discover new reading sites – by entering a subject or word you will also get given a list of matching sites, and it’s up to you if you decide to follow any of them. Once you have a few blogs in your feed the app will automatically apply a category to them – which of course you can edit or change or set up yourself – so that if you just want to dip into articles on a single subject you simply pick that subject and the posts appear, newest first (great if like me you have an eclectic range of interests!).

One point to note – this is not a negative at all – is that when you add a blog to Feedly you are not subscribing to it, so you won’t receive any emails notifying you of new posts or any other marketing related emails that the blog writer has decided to send to their subscribers for any reason. And I reckon that’s actually a good thing.

Finally, once you are receiving your regular posts in your feed it’s up to you what you decide to do with them; read and discard them, share to one of your social media sites, save to an archiving/bookmarking site such as Pocket, or just leave it where it is… it’s very versatile, and the choice is entirely yours.