Get Organised with Todoist

I just love apps that help me run my life on a daily basis. I am a wife with a house to run, I have a job, I have my blogs and my online businesses, and when I have time I have my other hobbies and interests – I also love to (try to) be organised so that I get the most out of each day. Plus I’m forgetful. Bring all these things together and unless I am some sort of super have-it-all nut (which I can assure you I’m not) I do need a little help.

Putting aside a housekeeper, a PA or team of administrative assistants – I can’t afford any of these – what I need is a simple way to list out what I need to do, for what area of my life, when I need to do it by and what priority it has. The best answer I have found so far is Todoist. I have tried many memo, list and reminder apps over the past couple of years, but until I stumbled over this one at the start of this year none had really cut the mustard.

I can’t even tell you what sets this one apart for me – other than to tell you what it does. This app allows you to create tasks (with as much or as little detail in the description as you like or need), assign it to a job category (‘project’) – eg. household, work, gardening, shopping, blog, money etc (these can be colour-coded) – set a due date, and also a priority (from 1 to 4).

Once created, it is easy to edit a task if you wish, or to move it forward a day, a week, a month, or until the date of your choosing, change it’s priority, and even change it’s project if, say, you inadvertantly saved ‘weed the driveway’ to household instead of gardening. When you have completed a task, simply tick it off and it’s gone!

As usual this is a free to download app, and yes, there are premium features too – such as being able to add sub-tasks (I have an alternative app for that lined up to tell you about soon!) – but to use this as a daily aide-memoire the basic functionality is really quite adequate enough.