A Day in the Life of an IFTTT Addict

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IFTTT (If This, Then That) has been around a little longer than most people realise, but seems to be coming into it’s own only now as more people use it and extoll it’s virtues. On the basis of ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ this is my own little tribute to this very simple yet amazingly powerful FREE tool.

This is a little like how your day could run with the help of IFTTT:


7.00 IFTTT un-mutes your phone, and you receive the latest weather forecast in your notifications. It’s going to be a little chilly today – better grab a sweater!
8.00 While you were in the shower one of your clients rang about next week’s meeting, but you missed the call. Not to worry, IFTTT has sent a reminder to your Google Calendar to follow up the call.
9.00 Because it’s Tuesday IFTTT has added a card to your ‘Blog’ board on Trello to pull together your post due to be published on Friday.

At the same time, today’s blog post goes live and IFTTT runs two more recipes. Firstly the new article is posted to your Facebook business page, and then it sends it through to your Twitter feed.

10.00 You have arrived at your first meeting for the day, IFTTT knows your location and automatically mutes your phone so you don’t get any pesky interruptions.

During the meeting you are introduced to the two other partners of the business – you swiftly add them to your contacts, and IFTTT automatically backs them up to a spreadsheet on your Google Drive.

11.00 While you were still in your meeting you were sent an email with a couple of important attachments – IFTTT saves the attachments to a Dropbox folder so that you can access them anywhere any time.
12.00 You are back at your desk and checking through the morning’s emails. A couple of emails referring to a certain project warrant extra attention so you favourite them – IFTTT automatically saves the emails to your Evernote account.

One of your favourite social media marketing blogs is running a webinar next week, you sign up for it and save the time link to your Google Calendar – IFTTT adds an item to your Todoist tasks for that day.

1.00 It’s lunchtime and you are checking your social feeds. You remember a great picture you wanted to share, and post it on Instagram – IFTTT also pins it to one of your Pinterest boards, and adds it to your Facebook album.
2.00 People have seen some of the things you have posted on Twitter and you have gained a few new followers – each time you get a new follower their details are added to a spreadsheet on your Google Drive, so you can more easily analyse your audience.
3.00 You’ve travelled to another meeting – thankfully IFTTT is tracking how long you are spending at different locations, so billing the clients for your time will be a piece of cake.

During the meeting you show your client a few online examples of what you could do for them, and you take a screen shot of the ones that get a particularly positive (or negative) reaction. IFTTT uploads the screenshots to Google Drive so that you can free up space on your tablet pc.

4.00 Before you leave, your client gives you some PDFs and a spreadsheet of the data you have asked for and you saved them to Dropbox – IFTTT automatically syncs the data between Dropbox and your Google Drive.
5.00 On your way home you stop for groceries and an advertising board catches your attention, sparking an idea… You quickly snap a pic, and IFTTT sends it on over to Evernote for you.
6.00 It’s time to review that day’s social media activity: all the people using #chocchamp that day have been added to a Twitter list for you – so you’re going to find it a lot easier to track that Twitter campaign.
7.00 Your time is your own again – now what was that link you saw on Twitter today but didn’t have the time to look at? Ah yes, you’d quickly ‘liked’ the tweet and the link within it was saved to your Pocket account.
8.00 The battery charge on your phone is getting low, so IFTTT switches off wifi for you to save a little juice.
9.00 You really don’t want anyone disturbing you at this time in the evening – IFTTT mutes your phone to give you a little peace and quiet as you wind down after a busy day.

And so to bed … until tomorrow, when you do it all again.