Pocket : Part 2 Desktop integration

Yesterday I told you about Pocket – I hope you’ve had a chance to download it and try it out.

Now, what about setting it up for your laptop or desktop computer? If you’re going to keep all your interesting stuff in just one place then you’re going to want to access it from all of your devices. Easy…

Do an internet search for ‘Pocket’ or follow this link: www.getpocket.com and then you can follow instructions to add a little widget to your browser’s menu/tool bar, which will show as the pocket symbol in the little window that gives the web address of the page you are currently on. Click this symbol when you are on a page that you wish to save and … ta dah!

You will also have a quick link to your Pocket saves… Click on the new icon in your menu bar (not the symbol in the web address window – that’s just for saving, this one will be outside of this window and alongside other icons you may have for bookmarking, saving, printing etc see the screen clip below) and this will open a sidebar on the left of your screen, listing all your recent saves, most recent first – and then you can also open up the full pocket screen.

I hope I have covered all the basics here, for all your devices. It really is a very easy to use app, and I have been using it enjoyably now for about 3 years – and in the world of ever-evolving apps that’s a long time!

Have a play around with it – and have fun!