Trello : The art of useful lists

By now you should realise that I do love to be organised!

I appreciate this is a bit of a bore for a lot of people – but for me it is the only way to get things done: I have a terrible memory, I have a short attention span, I am easily distracted, and… oh yes, you want to know about today’s app, not my imperfections 🙂

Well, if you share any (or all) of the character traits I mentioned above, then you could really benefit from Trello too. It is an app I came across over the Christmas break, and thought I would download to take a look – I wasn’t actually looking for any kind of productivity app at the time.

I put off opening the app for a couple of weeks – it was just for writing lists, wasn’t it? What’s so special about that? I’ll get round to it sometime… (…never). So it was mid January before I even looked at Trello – and since then I haven’t stopped using it, and visit it just about everyday.

Yes, it is a list repository.
Yes, it is a list repository with a list of lists.
Yes, it is a list repository with lists of lists as well as sub-lists.
But oh, it is just sooo much more than that!

Screenshot_2016-02-18-18-26-49When you open Trello you can create a virtual ‘pinboard’ for any/every topic, project or category – depending on how you plan to use the app. I have boards for: this blog site, knitting, each current project I’m working on for my day job, my genealogy research, holiday plans and ideas… and so many more.February 18, 2016 at 0631PM

Each board then has several lists set up by default ready for you to use, rename, add to, rearrange, delete, share or archive. You can save/share web pages and articles to one of your Trello boards if you like, or you run automated procedures that (for example) add new Twitter followers to a specific list whenever that event occurs (there are a number of applications that can run these types of task – IFTTT, Zapier etc – depending on the integrations they contain). You see, it really is more than just a virtual ‘pinboard’.

Items in lists can be moved around from list to list, the lists can be reordered, and you can create as many new lists (or new boards) as you like.

I really can’t do justice to how useful this app has become for me – especially for the things in life that are more ‘projects’ than just simple ‘tasks’… But when you open Trello up there is a great little walk through for getting started – as well as a board set up showing these things, so that you can easily return to it later, learning more as you go. I thoroughly recommend downloading Trello, even if just to see what it can do… and like all the apps I tell you about, you can always uninstall it later if it’s not for you.