All Your Website Lead Gen Wishes Have Come True : Wishpond

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We can all do with a little help when it comes to leveraging traffic to our websites – especially new and small businesses. Unfortunately, like most things in life ‘getting help’ almost always involves spending money, and this is another pain point for the budding business.

I have written (favourably) about the freemium model previously, and I have a great case in point for you today. In my quest for low-cost high-yield marketing and productivity solutions I am lucky enough to have discovered Wishpond.

Not heard of Wishpond? Don’t worry, neither had I. I was already familiar with the suite of SumoMe tools – but Wishpond takes all that SumoMe has to offer and more – much more.

Wishpond introduce themselves as ‘Easy Lead Gen Software’ which is a rather modest description in my eyes. In a nutshell, their suite of tools comprise:

  • Landing Pagesintegrations-steampunk
  • Website Pop-ups
  • Forms
  • Social Contests & Promotions
  • Marketing Automation
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Management
  • Lead Scoring
  • Lead Profiles

Plus, it integrates with 12 of the most popular CRM systems, 11 email marketing applications, other useful tools including SurveyMonkey, GoToWebinar and Slack … plus a further 500+ applications through Zapier.

As you may know, I do like an application that integrates well, as most of my work revolves around the setting up of automated processes for enhanced productivity – and so Wishpond is a no brainer for me on this front.

Looking slightly deeper into the functionality available, you get a comprehensive range of lead capture and conversion tools with a larger than average array of preset templates (for the free plan – paid plans allow for the creation of custom displays too). This allows you to pick the one best suited to your site audience – or a combination of options for your different marketing methods. These can be action triggered meaning that only the visitors who display certain behaviours (time on page, scroll depth, predicted exit etc) are on the receiving end of your move to capture.

Once you’ve netted your victim … sorry, visitor … you can then choose what happens next. Whether you export the lead out to a preferred third party service, or whether you continue to use the tools within this one application to continue your marketing activity. Again, you could opt for a bit of both! One massive advantage of an application such as Wishpond is the lack of need to transfer data between systems – so no risk of version incompatibilities, data corruption, confidentiality issues or any of the other trip-hazards that can disrupt even the simplest of linked operations.

But wait, there’s more!

If you do choose to follow your marketing journey through the Wishpond suite of tools (and really, why wouldn’t you?) you can thank your visitor for their submission, send them regular updates/offers/information, track their actions and responses to move them through your marketing journey at their pace. You can also analyse your lead base in order to tailor future activities – and still use that data in conjunction with other third-party applications if you so wish or need.


I mentioned the freemium model earlier as this is a truly great example of freemium done well. It is NOT a case of having restricted access on a free plan, and the good stuff only once you subscribe. No, ALL plans (including the free version) have access to ALL the tools – the paid plans only kicking in as your contact/lead/subscription numbers grow. The free plan allows you a realistic 200 leads, which is sufficient to allow you to appraise the tools and decide if they are for you or not. Pricing then starts from $69 a month (that’s around £45) or $540 if paid annually (around £360) – a saving of 36%. Which when compared to SumoMe, who only offer one third of the functionality for more than half the monthly price (SumoMe plans start at $40 (approx. £25) a month) or almost three quarter’s the annual price (you only get a 20% discount, making the annual cost $384 or about £250) of Wishpond, then you can already see that it adds up to far better value.

But why do I set such store by job-well-done freemium models?

For this one reason: if you are genuinely looking to employ a tool, application or service in pursuit of business enhancement, and you know that ultimately (when your business takes off) you will need to pay to get that functionality, then why spend your time (your most valuable and scare resource) setting up a free service that almost-nearly-but-not-quite does what you want, that gets you to where you wish to be more slowly, only to then have to redeploy a new methodology once you have enough income to sustain the use of the tool you really wanted to use in the first place? Put simply: Why waste twice the time setting up two systems, when one system can get you off the ground quicker and then grow as you do?

If you are reading this article in full on my website, then the chances are you have already seen Wishpond in action, but since my site is still in it’s fledgling stages I urge you to click on over to the Wishpond site and check out all that they can offer you.





Wishing you successful lead gen!